Real Estate Marketplace Launches in the Philippines

Innovative real estate marketplace Lamudi has officially launched in the Philippines ( The company is currently operating in over 21 countries across Asia, Latin America and Africa. The expansion in the Philippines merely highlights the high demand there is in the country for a real estate classifieds platform. Lamudi PH has seen great growth since it opened in January, with nearly currently on the platform, and it is apparent that the Philippines will be one of Lamudi’s top markets in the upcoming months. Following the economic crisis that crippled the world’s economic powerhouses and slowed growth in the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China), attention has turned to new markets as global businesses seek to find the next major business opportunities of the decade. Analysts are increasingly agreeing on the importance of the PINE countries as new economic powers. The Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria and Ethiopia are demonstrating impressively strong growth in what remain difficult economic circumstances globally. The Philippines is the fastest­growing economy of the emerging PINE markets, growing its GDP by 7.2% last year. Neighbouring Indonesia has been similarly excelling, exhibiting growth of 5.7% in the last year, which is expected to continue to grow at over 6% this year. These levels of GDP growth are stronger than that expected for China in 2014. The PINE countries are within the business portfolio of Lamudi, a major global online real estate marketplace. Paul Philipp Hermann, Co­Founder at Lamudi, commented on the company’s expansion into the leading PINE country: “Over the last month Lamudi has expanded across Asia, Latin America and Africa. The growth in the Philippines was important to us as we had earmarked the country as one where we knew our powerful product would be one that Filipinos would feel at ease using.”


Dell Solutions Tour 2014 Manila Leg

Manila, Philippines, March 19, 2014—Dell today announced it is sizing a news market opportunity with the unveiling of a brand new series of full-featured, enterprise storage arrays designed for mid-sized fibre channel deployments. Available first in the Asia-Pacific region and planned globally later in 2014, the mew Dell Storage SC4000 Series arrays demonstrate Dell's continued innovation to bring full-featured, enterprise-class storage to cost-efficient, high-performing, smaller-scale solutions. The new storage array series, with an all-flash solutions that can cost up to 76 percent less than competing pure flash arrays, is the latest addition to Dell's customer-driven enterprise data center portfolio of purpose-built solutions designed to make IT more efficient and practical.


Schindler 5500 Product Launch

Makati City, 13 March 2014 – Schindler, the world’s leading provider of mobility solutions, launched the next-generation Schindler 5500 elevator today. Drawing on precision engineering and advanced technologies, the Schindler 5500 boasts exceptional performance, a single modular system adaptable to a wide variety of applications, energy efficient features and a lavish range of interior decoration options. Designed at Schindler’s global research and development center in Switzerland, the Schindler 5500 sets new industry standards in terms of speed, comfort and efficiency, including a machine room-less version that can travel up to 50 stories in 50 seconds. “Many of our modern cities have grown extremely rapidly, giving rise to an ever-increasing demand for high-performance, vertical mobility solutions that meet the most sophisticated architectural designs. With the launch of Schindler 5500, we are poised to meet, and exceed what the industry demands today”, shares Mr. Mark Hughes, Group Technical and Field Support Director of Jardine Schindler Group. Space ConfigurabilityThe Schindler 5500’s modular system and scalable car sizes allow the elevator to be easily customized to fit into various shaft dimensions and thus adapted to numerous applications from apartments and offices, to hotels, hospitals and shopping centers, as well as stations, airports and stadiums. The elevator boasts the best shaft space utilization in the industry with a shaft footprint ratio in excess of 60%, offering a welcome boost to rentable space. This achievement is due in part to the Suspension Traction Media (STM) technology, which allows the compact drive to be installed directly in the elevator shaft. Both mini-machine-room (MMR) and machine-room-less (MRL) options are available with the capability to install the controller on different levels, providing architects with further flexibility. High-level performanceThanks to a system architecture based on the STM technology, which allows for a smaller traction sheave, less valuable building space is required while passengers are provided with an exceptionally fast and pleasant ride experience. The Schindler 5500’s use of advanced control systems makes it an ideal solution for heavy traffic environments. When powered by Schindler’s revolutionary PORT technology, an intelligent transit management system, the Schindler 5500 elevates a building to a whole new level of traffic performance, security and user experience through a sophisticated touch-screen interface befitting luxury offices, hotels and residential buildings. Green mobilityThe Schindler 5500 is designed to contribute to the overall energy efficiency of a building and ensure an ecologically sound mobility solution. Thanks to its high-efficiency Power Factor One (PF1) regenerative drive technology, the elevator uses up to 30% less energy than comparable elevators, by enabling power generated by the elevator to be fed back into the electricity grid. Long-lasting LED lighting, a permanent magnet motor reducing heat dissipation and standby mode options help to further cut into energy consumption. Freedom of designAesthetics play a significant part in the Schindler 5500. Italian designers have given the elevator a choice of four decoration styles, while a remarkably comprehensive choice of materials, colors, lighting and fixtures gives free rein to the imagination and allows a seamless integration with a building’s unique architectural concept. The sleek full-height, glass touch sensitive panels lend the elevator a cool and tactile appeal. The bare car option allows for up to 50% of the rated passenger load to be allocated to interior decoration features. These include glass doors and wall panels, modern ambience ceilings with integrated LED lighting, back painted glass and digital printed satinated glass or stainless steel walls. A comprehensive and elegant solution“We have always been a trusted name in an ever-changing industry, and we are determined to remain at the forefront of innovation. The Schindler 5500 is a highly comprehensive and elegant solution to the latest technical challenges facing our industry”, shares Hughes.


USANA Marks 11th Year of Record Sales Worldwide

Manila, Philippines — 24 February 2014 — USANA Health Sciences, Inc. marked another milestone year in 2013, accomplishing its 11th consecutive year of record sales worldwide. Globally, net sales had increased by 10.7%, reaching a record of $718.2 million, compared to last year's $648.7 million. USANA's net earnings for 2013 increased by 19.0% to 79.0 million, or $5.56 per share, compared with $4.45 per share in the prior year. Weighted average diluted shares outstanding were 14.2 million at fiscal year-end 2013, compared with 14.9 in the prior-year period. This comes as Euromonitor International predicted an increase in the market value of health and wellness products. The search group forecasted a $27 billion boost in sales worldwide, banking on the steady rise of the global health and wellness market. According to its study, "forty of the top 100 health and wellness brands saw their sales rise by more than $100 million in 2011." Euromonitor International foresees the global health and wellness market to reach a record $1 trillion by 2017. Complementing USANA's new record sales was the company being named one of Utah's "Best Companies to Work For," according to Utah Business Magazine; accepted as member of the UK Direct Selling Association; and registered with the US Food and Drug Administrator (FDA) as a drug establishment, allowing the company to manufacture Over-the-Counter drug products (OTCs). USANA's regional performance is also something to be recognized. The company's Asia Pacific and North America/Europe regions both reported growth the past year. USANA net sales in the Asia Pacific region increased significantly by 13.0% to $121.8 million, compared with $107.8 million for the fourth quarter of the prior year. "It was just exciting watching the growth of our region in par with the global growth of USANA, really exciting" said David Mulham, USANA Executive Vice President for Field Development, Pacific.

China Business–Philippines

This is What Php45 Million Looks Like

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Banker’s Club

In the good old days, being the general manager of an international bank’s overseas office really meant something.


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A closer look at the minerals under Philippine soil

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The Hybrid Momentum

Car sales in the Philippines are through the roof. According to data released by the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines Inc.

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No-nonsense Latitude

The Dell Latitude 6430u is an unassuming little buddy. Behind its simple design lies a powerful device that delivers exactly what it says it does on the package. Add a comment


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